4. Release Notes

4.1. Version 0.4

In development

4.2. Version 0.3.1

This is a maintenance release that:

  • Updates the maximum SciPy dependency to 1.7.3.

  • Updates Azure CI.


  • Benda Xu

  • Siu Kwan Lam

  • Valentin Haenel

4.3. Version 0.3

This release adds:

  • Dynamic generation of scipy.special.signatures (with thanks to Brandon T. Willard)

  • Github Actions CI

Importantly, the dynamic generation of the signatures now makes numba-scipy compatible with multiple SciPy releases simultaneously.


  • Brandon T. Willard

  • Valentin Haenel

4.4. Version 0.2

This release adds the start of real functionality and builds out the project infrastructure.

  • Support for a large number of scipy.special functions (with thanks to Josh Wilson).

  • Entry point registration system in use to auto-register this as a Numba extension project.

  • Documentation.

  • CI builds.

  • Conda package.


  • Josh Wilson

  • Stan Seibert (core dev)

  • Stuart Archibald (core dev)

4.5. Version 0.1

This is the initial demo release.

  • Initial Release.

  • Demonstrative support for a couple of example scipy.special functions.

  • Basic project infrastructure.


  • Stuart Archibald (core dev)